Doggy chewy things

Porkie Chew Its

Naturally air dried


Honey Porkie Konks

100% Natural baystead with Honey

Porkie Regular Konks

Just Air dried

100% Pig Ears


Chewy Beef Flats

Honey Beefy Ears

Beefy Beef Jerky

Beefy Tripe sticks

Chunky Liver

Paddy PaddyWack

Porkie Tails

Porkie Rollers

Beefy Beef Ears

Beefy Beef Strips

Porkies mini bones


Honey Beef Tails



Chicken Feet



Chicken Necks


Meaty Strings



Chewy Pipes

All the above products can be supplied in Bulk cases/nets or prepacked

The Natural Chew Company Limited